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The Driving Company Instructors: Experienced Professionals


Every instructor who teaches for The Driving Company has many years of law enforcement or firefighting field experience. Unlike many of the other off road training schools you will find in your search for classes, every one of our instructors is certified by the State of California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) as an expert in Emergency Vehicle Operations, and Off Road Driving. Also, each instructor is required to hold a POST Basic Instructor Development certification. Other off road training schools have instructors who are certified by an organization that they themselves organized, while our instructors are certified by an independent commission that sets competency standards our instructors must meet. 


dave storton with Adam and Jamie on Mythbusters

Professional Background

 Dave Storton holds a Master's Degree in Adult Education and has been teaching since 1993. He is recognized by the State of California (POST) as an expert in vehicle operations and off road training. He is a lead instructor for the emergency vehicle operations course (EVOC) at  the South Bay Regional Academy. He teaches EVOC instructor courses, advanced EVOC instructor courses, off road EVOC, and counter-terrorist / dignitary protection driving. In addition to instructing civilian off road courses and leading off road adventures, he teaches Hollywood stunt drivers at Bobby Ore’s Motion Picture Stunt Driving School. He also teaches leadership / team-building, and he teaches other instructors the art of facilitation and adult learning concepts in a POST certified Instructor Development Course. After 30 years in law enforcement, Dave retired in 2012, which has allowed him to devote his time to teaching. Dave has been featured for his driving expertise on Mythbusters, Fox News Channel’s Fox Report with Sheppard Smith, The Discovery Channel, the New York Times, the San Jose Mercury News, and the Monterey Hearld. 


Ron Waterman

Professional Background

Ron Waterman started his Fire Service career in 1976. He was the Sacramento Fire Department’s lead EVOC instructor. Ron was assigned to the division of training as a full time EVOC instructor from 1998 to 2013.  He was also involved in the practical application and written portions of several engineer promotional tests. He was also an Academy EVOC instructor for the Sacramento Police Department and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. Ron is a California POST certified instructor for EVOC, PIT, Skid Car, Off Road EVOC and Winching, Motorcycles, and Driving Simulators. He is recognized by the State of California as an expert in Commercial Vehicle Operations and was certified by DMV for testing Class A and B vehicles (including Busses). Ron also teaches trailer towing for Class C vehicles.


Randy Jackson

Professional Background

 Randy Jackson entered the Fire Service in 1978 and joined the Sacramento City Fire Dept. in 1984. He worked as an engineer for 23 years assigned to both engines and trucks. Randy became involved with training in 1992 as a DMV class A and B examiner. He was also involved in the practical application portion of several engineer promotional tests. Randy worked full time at EVOC teaching law enforcement and fire personnel, and he is California Post certified for EVOC instructor, Pit, Off Road EVOC, and Winching. He is also a POST certified  Motorcycle Instructor. 


Scot Smithee

Additional Information


Scot Smitheehas over 30 years for law enforcement experience, and he holds a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Behavior, and a Masters Degree in Leadership. Scot is recognized by the State of California as an expert in vehicle operations and off road training. He is the lead driving instructor for several police academies, and he teaches EVOC instructor courses.  Scot is also trained in counter-terrorist / dignitary protection driving, PIT, and off road EVOC. In addition to driving, Scot teaches leadership and ethics courses. Scot is the recipient of the prestigious Carnegie Medal, and the Coast Guard Gold Medal for life saving. Read how he saved the lives of seven people while on vacation in Hawaii.

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Read the incredible story of how Scot saved the lives of seven people while on vacation in Hawaii.  This incident was made into a TV documentary!


Wes Stanford

Professional Background


Wes Stanford holds a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco.  He is a veteran of the United States Army, having served four years with the 82nd Airborne Division. He has been a law enforcement officer in California since 1995, and a California POST certified Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor since 2001. Wes is also a California  certified PIT instructor and Off Road EVOC instructor.


Lloyd Ogan

Professional Background

  Lloyd Ogan is a 33 year veteran of the Sacramento Fire Department and retired as the Deputy Chief of Operations. He has been a DMV Commercial Driver's License Trainer and Examiner since 1989.  He has been an EVOC Instructor for the Fire Service since 1991, and a POST Certified EVOC Instructor since 1994.  He is also certified in off road EVOC and offroad training. In 1997 he partnered with the Sacramento Police Department and the Sheriff’s Department to create the Sacramento Regional Driver Training Facility.  He was the Supervising EVOC Instructor there from 1997-2002.  He  was also an Incident Commander on the Sacramento Regional Incident Command Team.


John Raabe

Professional Background


John Raabe has over 30 years of law enforcement experience, and he was a lead EVOC instructor for the South Bay Regional Academy at the College of San Mateo and is a POST certified instructor. He is trained in off road EVOC and dignitary protection driving. He is recognized by the State of California as an expert in vehicle operations and off road training. He has been a driving instructor for over 20 years and has trained over thousands of students. John was instrumental in the startup of The Driving Company in 2003. John handles the logistics for many of our classes. 


Doug McKelvey

Professional Background

 Doug McKelvey is a 32-year veteran of the fire service, retiring from the Fremont  Fire Department as Division Chief of Operations.  During his career he  was actively involved in Fremont’s Training Division teaching off road  driving, Type III engine operations and Class B driving, and other topics.  Doug is a State Fire Marshal Certified instructor for ICS and  Fire Command courses as well as a POST Certified Off-Road EVOC  Instructor.  In addition, Doug is a Type I Certified Wildfire Safety  Officer, Type III Incident Commander and Operations Section Chief and a  Division Supervisor.  Doug has over ten years’ experience as a Safety Officer for the U.S. Forest Service Inter-agency Incident Management Team  1.  Prior to retirement was the Incident Commander for the East Bay  Incident Management Team.  

Doug has years of off-road experience in  Jeeps, SUV/light Trucks, and Type III and Type VI engines.  As a  recreational off-road enthusiast, he has been a volunteer trail guide  for Jeep Jamboree USA guiding folks through the famous Rubicon Trail for  close to 10 years.