Fun free off road adventures

Join the instructor on their fun offroad adventure trips!


The Driving Company instructors often go on fun trips and we invite our friends – our past students!  These are not commercial trips, or professionally guided adventures. We think of all of our past students as our friends, so we want to invite you to come with us when we go on fun offroad trips. Of course you don’t charge your friends to have fun with you, and we don’t either! When we are planning a trip, we will send out a bulk email.  These are typically 1-day trips, but sometimes in places like Palm Springs we will stay in town several days and do two or three off road day trips. We will give all the details of where to meet, where to stay, etc. We have recovery gear, and we know where we are going. All you have to do is come and have fun putting your off road training to work!

Below are some pics from a fun trip!